Our Story

The story of Bridge Point Church in Mobile, Al is simple. In 2009 on Christmas Eve Pastor Andy was driving to his in-laws house for their traditional Christmas celebration, through a community that is a suburb of Mobile known as Tillman’s Corner when, God began to break his heart for it. He looked around and saw not what was but what God wanted to do. He had driven through this community many times but this time something was different. He recognized there were people who were hurting and needed to have an encounter with a family of believers that wanted to be the church not just do church. Immediately he and his wife Rebekah began to pray for clarification to what they should do and when they should do it.

Over the next few years they wrestled with the idea that God had planted in their heart. They served with another community of believers as the Associate Pastors and did not want to do anything that was not God ordained and God ordered. As they waited for God’s timing and answers the intensity by which they were drawn to this community increased even more. In the spring of 2011 after a time of prayer God revealed to them there mission to build a family that would “lead and live the God first life”.

They told their Senior Pastors and in August 2011 were sent to Tillman’s Corner Community to share the message of Christ with whomever would Listen.

God immediately started to send people who would partner with them and begin the process of “leading and Living the God first life” . They met from August 2011 until March of 2012 in many different venues preparing to launch a brand new idea of church. On April 1, 2012 the next step in the Journey began. They anticipate a great ride.